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Build Connection. Foster Collaboration.

Leadership isn't a role you're in, it's a skill you practice.

Leadership is about listening, collaborating, connecting & influencing to create the outcomes that serve your vision.


Learn the language of leadership to create powerful conversations that keep you moving forward to your goals.


Learn the communication "maps" to effectively and repeatedly guide conversations to desired outcomes.


Learn to lead no matter your role in the organization.

The conversations you have today can create the outcomes you desire tomorrow,

Bridge the gap between your current results and where you want to lead by connecting and communicating with intent. You're invited to uncover the power of your voice, to create dynamic conversations so that you can influence, collaborate & lead in the workplace. Here are your next steps:

Learn The Language of Leadership To Encourage Collaborations, Resolve Conflict & Create Impact

With this fresh approach to leadership communication, you will learn simple and effective communication "maps" you can follow as well as repeat, again and again, to create desired outcomes with your ability to connect and have conversations that will lead the team forward.

What Our Students Are Saying

A Sense of Community

Here is another thing that I really value about the trainings which is just the sense of community. Just the warmth of the people who are there sharing that same intention with everyone and practicing. Most people I saw come in with this sort of longing for personal effectiveness and personal healing, in their relationships, I think they were the ones who were most satisfied.

Elly van Laar, Coach, mediator

Needed Clarity & Understanding

I was lost and confused and I was trying to find something that would give me more clarity and understanding about myself. When I stumbled on this, something felt right about it. That’s the best I can explain it. It’s so valuable to me that I haven’t stopped. I see it as being potentially helpful in every professional field —police work or hospital work or education.

Joan Judson, communication counselor and certified community mediator

Communication in the Face of Conflict

Mindful and compassionate communication, especially in the face of conflict, is one of the most important skills needed in the workplace, especially in times of crisis. Ike's content was excellent - he provided clear, step-wise instruction on a very difficult topic that our audience could both relate to, and put into action in the workplace. Throughout the process, Ike was thorough, paid attention to detail, and clearly an expert in this field!

Parneet Pal, MBBS, MS Chief Science Officer Wisdom Labs, Inc.