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One of the most desirable skills in the professional world is the ability to collaborate well with any team. In this series I created for the Wise@Work app by Wisdom Labs, I share my methodology, utilizing research on what makes for successful, productive teams as well as Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Use this practical series to develop crucial skills that help you connect with yourself and others in ways that foster superior collaboration.

John Kinyon Interview Series on Humanity's Evolution, Systems, and Health

Ike talks with long time colleague and collaborator John Kinyon about the role of awareness and consciousness in empathic communication/Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Towards the end of the conversation, they get into the topic of responding to what is happening on the larger social-political level.

The solution

It Pays to Listen

February 2020 issue of Indias's Smart Manager Magazine.

How To Neon Feminist Instagram Story

The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers ' Cattleman Magazine 

"How to navigate intergenerational land and wealth transfers without your family being torn apart"

When my grandfather, Edward Cunningham Lasater, died in 1930, his South Texas ranch was in financial trouble. For years, he had struggled against a mountain of debt incurred to purchase land that stretched from southeast of Falfurrias, northwest towards Realitos. And yet despite his efforts, at the time of his death, the estate was still burdened, as the country segued from an agricultural depression during the 1920s into the financial depression of the 1930s.